Swedish death cleaning and you

Sometimes, a newspaper article can have surprising repercussions. Last fall, I ignored the spate of coverage of a self-help idea called “Swedish Death Cleaning.” As I now know, Swedish author Margareta Magnusson advised the middle-aged to de-clutter their lives so...

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Crossing paths with an angry dude

Just so we’re clear, I might have made the wrong decision. It was a chilly day as I headed out to meet a friend to walk around Duke’s East Campus. At a Broad Street intersection, I was blocked by a stream of cars whose drivers had not a single fleeting thought of...

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A succulent philosophy

One evening, I returned home to find the kitchen covered in severed fingers. Green ones. I mean, that was my first impression. But the fingers were far too stubby to be human (perhaps a toddler ogre?). A selection of pots, tins and cups crowded the countertops. When...

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Where would you go?

Where would you go in a nuclear attack? This is a question I hadn’t thought to ask myself until recently, with two madmen publicly measuring the sizes of their … buttons. But there it is. This month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – normally...

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My dad’s gun

When he was a boy, my dad received a marvelous gift: his father’s own boyhood rifle. It’s a beautiful object. Burnished wood stock, a thundercloud-grey barrel. After my dad died, it was the one thing I really wanted. At this moment – 2:45 a.m., cat stretched beside me...

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Robin Tiberius Kirk @Robin Tiberius Kirk
@charliespiering @IngrahamAngle What a dead-eyed creep.

- December 14, 2018

Robin Tiberius Kirk @Robin Tiberius Kirk
Check out my better, brighter, shinier website (and mark your calendar for the rescheduled launch of The Bond on January 8, 2019 (thanks Whitney @freshlygiven ) @RegulatorBooks #kidlit #amwriting https://t.co/ilN4LWBFxf

- December 13, 2018