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“Breaking the Wheel” in Tolkien and Game of Thrones

One freezing Boxing Day, my kids and I watched the extended editions of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy in sequence, with bonus material (how the armor and swords were made, cast hijinks, CGI amazingness) added in as needed. Our marathon lasted over 16 hours. It was delightful. We emerged woozy and satisfied, like (weed-free) Pippin
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I was lucky to be able to attend the Flyleaf Books evening of political poetry on August 23. Five poets read from their work as well as work published in Jacar Press’s fabulous Resisting Arrest. Poet and Jacar Press publisher Richard Krawiec read along with El Habib Louai, a Moroccan who’s also a musician; Techa Beaumont,
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Sometimes, revision is just about creating new problems to fix (note empty card on Scrivener screen shot).  
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8 terrible titles

As my writing friend Jenn (Barnes) Bishop wrote recently, it’s fairly common for books to have titles drawn from a phrase somewhere in the book. I’ve always considered myself pretty good with titles. They usually come up before I’ve written a word. But, in keeping with this challenge, I’m going to troll my work-in-progress for
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777 challenge

I’ve been tagged by Jenn (Bishop) Barnes in the 777 Challenge. Writers challenge writers to post the first full seven lines of the seventh page of his or her work in progress, starting seven lines down. My work-in-progress is the second book in a speculative fantasy, tentatively titled Fountain of Dark: Fir and his brothers are slave warriors
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