A bathroom break

Shakespeare famously wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” A question North Carolinians are asking is why our state legislature is so focused on the stage that is public bathrooms. Full disclosure: I’m stealing this opening from a friend, the writer Jenn Bishop. While we were pursuing writing degrees together at… Continue reading

Who will sound the alarm?

In a packed Page Auditorium on Duke University’s West campus, a distinguished older gentleman stood to speak. On stage was Jennifer Pinckney, the widow of Charleston Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, shot by a racist on June 17, 2015. Pinckney, a state senator, was leading bible study at Mother Emanuel AME… Continue reading

“The fierce urgency of now”: gun control

My wonderful colleague Joy Olson, the executive director of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), posted this to her public Facebook page on January 6. It’s her account of President Barack Obama’s historic announcement on gun control on January 5. Yesterday I had an experience that will stick with me. I… Continue reading

Peculiar Motion

I’m thrilled to announce the March 11, 2016, release of my new (and FIRST) poetry collection, Peculiar Motion. The book will be released by Finishing Line Press, an award-winning small press out of Georgetown, Kentucky. Please preorder if interested (more preorders means a bigger press run!) by contacting them at flpbookstore@aol.com…. Continue reading

Hope for Glenn — and refugees

Every Sunday evening this fall, you’ll find me clutching a cabernet in The Tavern’s back room as I watch “The Walking Dead.” Fans know this story isn’t really about zombies. What keeps us hooked is how the characters react to the zombies and struggle to retain their humanity in the… Continue reading

Sheltering refugees is who we are as Americans

BY DAVID H. SCHANZER AND ROBIN KIRK The call by politicians across the country, including Gov. Pat McCrory, to halt the admission of refugees from the Syrian civil war is a travesty. This ill-considered decision strengthens the politics of fear that ISIS spreads, undercuts our long-term efforts to combat extremism… Continue reading

Flaming pumpkin against the darkness

Along with many neighbors on West Club Boulevard, I feel a bit of a chill as Halloween approaches. No, it’s not because of the weather. For the past decade, my street has been a beacon for small (and not so small) kids eager to trick-or-treat. What started as a mild… Continue reading

Selfies worth seeing

2014 was declared the “year of the selfie” by Twitter, for what it’s worth. Since then, selfies have only increased in popularity – and ubiquity. After a recent trip abroad with students, I sifted through dozens of their photos searching for shots of the places or people we’d visited. What… Continue reading

Talking about guns

I’ve been conducting a summer tour de café, opening my MacBook in the fug of coffee shops in Durham and beyond. Normally, I’m solitary. No space-sharing, no talk-radio hum, definitely no music. The occasional chatter of a Meet Up (I’m talking to you, Carrboro Entrepreneurs at the Looking Glass) or… Continue reading

Closing of the Tar Heel mind

Flor de Liz Perez is lightning bottled, a pint-sized streak on the esplanade in front of London’s National Theater. She has light green eyes and a laugh that seems to chase away gray English skies. Perez just opened a new play, “(Expletive) with a Hat,” by a Pulitzer-prize winning playwright…. Continue reading