The Bond in video

Since The Bond launch was delayed by snow, I made a trailer of some images that inspire me and my reading of the beginning of the story. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Hush, hush sweet Charlotte

The click was ominous. Parked between Geer Street Garden and Motorco, my daughter’s blue Ford Focus wagon refused to start. I’d given her the car as a college graduation present, fulfilling a family tradition of passing down beaters. Hoopties. Wrecks. Clunkers. Heaps....

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The Bond release approaches!

The Bond release is officially less than a month away. It's exciting, terrifying, and lovely in equal measure. I've been writing this book for over a decade (and also the two books that follow in The Bond trilogy). These characters and creatures have had full lives in...

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Waiting at the DMV

I will say this for the Department of Motor Vehicles: everyone suffers. When I’ve had to visit one of our state’s 113 drivers license offices, I’ve noticed how every element seems designed to diminish us. You might be a multi-billionaire or just out of prison (or...

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A dark side of summer vacation

With summer vacation in full swing, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes an ideal vacation. First, it’s important to determine which side of the vacation divide you’re on: familiarity or novelty? There are those (and I’ve been in this camp) who return to the same...

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Robin Tiberius Kirk

- June 17, 2019

RT @SethAbramson: The @nytimes owes its readers an explanation for why they have to wait until the *twenty-first paragraph* to find out the…