Appreciation vs. Appropriation

The conversation over cultural appropriation is necessary, long in coming, and deeply fraught. By their nature artists, including writers, absorb and incorporate many things into their work. Groups and cultures do this, too. Journalist Nadra Kareem Nittle notes that...

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July newsletter

I spent June completing revisions on Book II, tentatively scheduled for next year. My days started early (5 am) and often ended quite late, a marathon of character development, pacing adjustments, and plot connections. I immersed myself so deeply in my story that I...

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Serious in Seoul

When I learned that I had been accepted to a month-long writing residency at Seoul Arts Center-Yeonhui, I prepared by learning as much as I could about the city and South Korea. What I couldn’t prepare for was meeting one of the world’s most interesting and prolific...

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“Lost” in middle-grade awesomeness

Tod Olson’s “Lost” series of real-life tales of people fighting their way back from almost certain disaster is catnip to young and old readers alike. If, like me, you are a sucker for a good Arctic (or Antarctic), ocean, or deep-in-space tale, these are wonderful...

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Conversation with Tall Poppies

When Kelly Harms pinged me on Facebook to take part in a conversation about The Bond, my YA fantasy, I admit I had FEELINGS. Number one, Kelly is a well-published, best-selling writer who gets rave reviews. Need more? She’s also one of the driving forces behind the...

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