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A noble tree

It’s not often that Twitter gives me an idea to explore. That the idea came from a stranger dripping snark is also, let’s say, unusual. But here we are, 2017. Twitter is our funhouse mirror, with its improbable orange frame. Hate it, avoid it or obsessively read – Twitter moves our world in dramatic, sometimes
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Love letter to the Library

Durham desperately needs a new library facility. But we must preserve the library spirit we already have. Let me explain. I started using the Main Library as a new mother. Every Saturday, I’d leave with a bag of picture books to supplement the ones at home. I quickly learned not to check out puzzles, since
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Finding my North Carolina roots

In 1993, I was a reluctant transplant to the Triangle. Born and raised in Chicago, I considered myself a big-city girl. I’d lived in Mexico City, San Francisco and Lima, Peru. Several times, I’d talked my way into – and out of – Peruvian prisons run entirely by inmates who considered Americans lower than stray
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